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Foreclosure? Eviction? Tenant threats? Do any of these words describe a legal crisis you are currently facing? Don't allow the intimidation of an opponent rob you of your rights. Foreclosure and eviction do not have to be the end of your story, and landlord tenant matters can be settled without your loss based on vague legal language that leaves you in the dark. Let Neil Weissman, an experienced and dedicated landlord tenant attorney & foreclosure lawyer give you the professional assistance you need.

Why The Law Offices of Neil Weissman?

In the midst of legal pressure and conflict, you need the reassurance that your lawyer is trustworthy and sincerely committed to representing you and your case with the goal of accomplishing your goals and securing your rights. Neil Weissman, is a representative who will dedicate his expertise and knowledge to defending you, he has been praciticing as a Long Island landlord tenanat attorney for over 20 years. At The Law Offices of Neil Weissman, we are dedicated to giving every case our undivided attention so that justice will become a reality for you and those you love.

How Will We Help?

A legal crisis demands not only representation in the courtroom but also understanding and explanation throughout the entire experience. We provide a free consultation and will safely conduct thorough investigations while also explaining complicated legal jargon. Our dedication to communicating with you throughout the entire legal process is our way of ensuring that your voice will be heard in the courtroom; and we never charge for a conversation. You should be thoroughly informed so that you can enter your legal battle with the confidence you need during your time of crisis. Working as Long Island landlord tenant attonreys we refuse to take the trust of our clients lightly and are committed to reinforcing our promise of quality and care to each client, in each case.

What Can We Offer?

The full service law firm of The Law Offices of Neil Weissman specializes in expertly handling cases involving foreclosure law, evictions, and landlord tenant matters along with providing professional defense in several other areas.

When you contact us to assist you in foreclosure defense or landlord tenant matters, we are committed to uncovering the details and agreements within your mortgage and concerning loan options with the purpose of keeping you in your home. At The Law Offices of Neil Weissman, we also regularly cover cases dealing with every aspect of landlord tenant matters. You can trust us with paperwork, petitions and everything in between.

The Law Offices of Neil Weissman also provides trustworthy and expert representation in the areas of personal injury, family law, DWI representation, and criminal defense law. Our reputation in these concentrations speaks for itself, and our commitment to informing you of and defending your rights.

Long Island Landlord Tenant Attorney